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Firstly, please note that this is only a dummy practice website, set up by 4 web design students from Morley College, London in 2012 ... None of the people featured are real police officers, nor are any of them looking for dates.

After working on this dummy site, 3 of the initial 4 students banded together to create a diverse range of actual projects. The team consisted of Becky Halverson, Sherrill Evarschi and Mike Loomey. Between them, in just 4 weeks, they designed and published an extremely impressive site for a Bed and Breakfast in Hertfordshire. Their efforts we rewarded when Mike collected an award for "Creativity" on behalf of the team in the National Adult Learners Week Awards (2013)." [Please click for a picture of the event.]

Sherrill and Mike went on to design a Children's Party Site for DJ Tony Adams. Mike has flown solo on numerous other sites including Broadband Upgrade, Mission Command, AKA Reg Productions, Professional Web Design Essex, Unique Discos - AKA Wedding DJ Essex a Gay Wedding Discos / Civil Partnership DJ site.
and most recently Wedding First Dance Lessons - Kensington - Chelsea - Central London - North London and Kids Karaoke Party London - Great Ideas For Childrens Themed Parties - Boys or Girls - Toddlers to Teenagers.
Graphic Designer, Sherrill temporarily rejoined Web Designer, Mike Starr to work together on the most ambitious project to date, their first ever "responsive web design" for Andrew Stanley Woodworking. Here the site content cleverly "morphs" to fit the screen of the device on which it is being viewed.

Mike also has taught himself SEO and even gives free talks on SEO for Beginners to business groups.

email: Mike for details or
call us on 07967 044282.

You will find our prices very competitive!
Mike Starr Sept 2016

Looking for that very special constable but sick of pounding the pavement in search of love?

Want to date someone who knows first-hand the unique lifestyle of a copper but don't want the complications of an office romance? Cupid on the Beat was created for people just like you!

Only another police officer truly understands the difficulties of dating in this profession. You won't need to explain about the shift work, the long hours and the extra stresses of a job which often involves danger and the need for complete confidentiality. The investigation starts here..

This Week's Success Story

mug shot for success storyMet Police Sgt. Norman Mullett (42) of Baker Street CID wondered if he would ever find true love again, when his police firearms officer wife, Yvonne was tragically killed in an armed siege five years ago.

A friend told him about Cupid on the Beat and love blossomed across the waves . . . Swedish detective Saga Noren (39), from Ystad near Malmo, read Norman's profile and was touched. She had just been divorced from her banker husband who could not cope with her stressful lifestyle and long hours.

After a brief long-distance romance, Saga put in for a transfer to the UK. The happy couple now work in separate departments in Baker Street Nick.

Their boss, D.I. Jack Frost, told Cupid on the Beat, "It could not have happened to a nicer couple. They are a perfect match." John is even taking Swedish language classes at Morley College and is looking forward to saying "Hello, hello, hello", in perfect Svensk, when they visit Saga's old colleagues this summer in Ystad.

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